About Us

About us


Blend Coffee has been an Overlook neighborhood staple since 2007. Originally established as their second store by its founders, it then became their only shop. The second owner built and improved upon what was started, most significantly shepherding a complete remodel of the interior and overall re-branding. We are the proud third owners of Blend. We're Asian American and hope to bring some different cultural influences to the existing Blend environment.

We're very grateful for our regular friends, loyal customers who stop in for their morning or afternoon cup of joe or tea, and maybe a snack.  Or perhaps a beer or glass of wine to unwind after a work shift. They may live or work in the area, nearby residents of Overlook, perhaps an Adidas employee, or maybe someone that happens to be in our neck of the woods and remembers to drop by.

We welcome new friends! We try to be a relaxing place to study or work; our store seating affords easy access to multiple power outlets, and we offer printing on demand with Print with Me. Maybe you want to meet someone for conversation or business, or just grab a drink and go while saying hi to us. Whatever the case, all of us take pride in genuine friendliness and attention to detail in making a quality drink for you.